Pool Cover Teams Needed!

Do you have a tween or teen (or even a younger child whose parent is willing to work with them April 17 until morning swim team starts and then after swim team morning practices end, plus here and there during the swim team season (e.g. Raging Waters Day, etc.)) who’s looking for a first job and a way to make some additional money this summer?  Do you want to help them learn responsibility and accountability outside of your own home?

Here’s a great opportunity!  Our cabana club pool needs to have the covers removed during the summer swim season just before 8 a.m. and put back on at 10 p.m.  Ideally, your responsible kid would team with a friend (who would also be paid) to properly and most easily remove the covers.  Teams can choose mornings only, evenings only or a combination.

We are seeking at least four teams (preferably six or eight) of two kids each to rotate the responsibility across the summer. Not every morning is needed and you can work to schedule around your summer activities.

Please respond by March 29 – as after that time, this opportunity will be opened to swim team kids and then to the local neighbors, until all slots are filled.  So be the first to get your name on the list and start earning some moola!!

Start date is April 17 and end date is September 30.  We are looking for enough teams so we can balance desire to work (want a lot of shifts!) vs. just getting some initial work experience (just a few shifts).

Usual days needed (TBD):  Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sat and Sun  – however, home swim meet Saturdays will not be needed nor will most swim team practice days (much of June and July, see full swim calendar here).  Each child earns $3 per job when in a team and it’s about a 10 minute job.  If your child is older and does the job by themselves (or with a parent) they would earn $6 per job (one job being a morning or afternoon of taking the covers off).

Respond to poolcovers@yahoo.com by March 29.

Pool Renovation UPDATE & FAQ

Click here to see a pdf of the original plans for the pool renovation. We are still in the process of permits with the city. Once the plans become final, we will add them to the page.

Pool Renovation FAQ

Q: Why has the pool renovation been delayed?
A: The construction for the pool has been delayed due to the lengthy city permit process.

Q: What is the next step?
A: Once we resubmit the plans with the minor modifications, the city will review the plans and get back to us with the final permits.

Q: When will we have the final permits and plan for the pool renovation?
A: Around the end of March we hope to have final plans and permits.

Q: Who is in charge of the renovation?
A: The board HOA President is heading up the project along with the Architect, ADA Consultants and Doug Carey Construction.

Q: When is the anticipated start date for construction?
A: The anticipated start date for construction will be the close of the pool season in September.

Q: Is the job on budget?
A: Up to this point, yes the job is on budget.

Q: What will be done before the swim season begins?
A: Before swim season starts the following will be done:

  • tree removal – DONE
  • upgrade exterior lights to LEDs
  • add 2 flood lights to canopy by bathroom to be used for events only
  • replace 3 lights in pump room
  • switch light switches in bathroom to motion lights rather than the timer
  • pool furniture upgrade (7 tables, 28 chairs, and 4 chaise lounge chairs)
  • new clock
  • pool pump replacement to a 5 HP pump, replacing the two smaller pumps
  • replace the doors on the pump room – need a fiber glass vented door due to the sun and chemical usage and for security reasons

For more detailed information, please refer to our meeting minutes from March 14.