Pool Rules


1. Failure to Obey Rules:
All pool users must follow the rules posted at the pool and obey directions from the
Lifeguard(s). Lifeguards or Board Members can and will send anyone disobeying the
rules home. Use of the pool can be restricted or eliminated by a Lifeguard or Board

2. Homeowners’ Responsibility:
Homeowners must know and are responsible for these Pool Rules and their children’s
and guest’s actions at all times.

3. Two Family Guest Limit:
No more than two families are allowed as guests of a Homeowner at the pool (only
authorized pool parties may exceed this limit). Guests must be accompanied at all
times by an adult member of the Homeowner family.

4. Under 18 Supervision:
Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a designated adult during unguarded
hours. Anyone under 18 may NOT have a key to the pool.

5. Use of the Adult Pool:
All children 5 years old and younger or anyone who cannot swim the width of the adult
pool without a floatation device are not permitted in the pool unless accompanied by
an adult. The adult must be able to swim and shall remain with the child in the pool at
all times.

6. Use of the Baby Pool:
Only children 5 years old and younger may use the baby pool and only with a parent
in attendance. Parent must be in immediate area of the baby pool. Lifeguards do not
guard the baby pool.

7. No Baby-Sitting or Day Care Use:
Children being baby-sat by a homeowner may NOT be sent to the pool unattended
unless the child is a member of the Oaktree Park Cabana Club. The pool is NOT to be
used for ANY kind of day care service.

8. Don’t Swim with Pool Covers On:
The pool covers will normally be off between 8 am and 10 pm. Homeowners may use
the pool during these hours. NO ONE may be in the pool when the covers are on, even
if the covers are on during normal pool hours. Contact a board member or the pool
manager and complain. DO NOT go into the pool.

9. Maintenance Closures:
No one may be in the pool when it is being super chlorinated or when it is posted as
down for repairs.

10. Diapers:
Babies wearing soiled diapers are not permitted in either pool. Disposable or cloth diapers are prohibited in the pool. Infants and toddlers still in diapers MUST wear either a “swim diaper” or plastic pants with elastic around the waist and legs over a swim suit. Please use approved swim diapers.

11. Adult Swim:
No one under 16 years of age is permitted in the pool during adult swim except for
babies 5 years of age and under with their parents.

12. Pool Attire:
Appropriate swim wear and sun bathing attire required. Shorts or suits not made for swimming will not be permitted. No street clothes are allowed in the pool. Cut-offs may be worn in the pool if they are hemmed.

13. Toys:
The use of footballs, inner tubes, boats, or super soakers in the pool will be at the
discretion of the lifeguards on duty. Please exercise consideration for other swimmers
in the pool area when no lifeguards are on duty with regards to use of pool toys.

14. Horseplay:
No running, shoving, pushing, or horseplay in the pool area. Do not hang on lane lines. Lane lines are designed to separate lanes. They may not be hung on or abused in any way.

15. Restricted Areas:
Only the Lifeguards are allowed in the lifeguard chair. Only personnel authorized by
the Board of the Oaktree Park Cabana Club are allowed in the office.

16. Restrictions

  • (a) Glassware
    Glass bottles and containers are NOT permitted at the pool. Please use plastic containers, aluminum cans or plastic bottles.
  • (b) Gum
    Gum is not permitted in the enclosed pool area. No gum chewing in pool.
  • (c) Tobacco
    Smoking or use of tobacco is not permitted in enclosed pool area
  • (d) Alcohol
    Alcoholic beverages are permitted on the deck of the pool area. Please use discretion and moderation as this is a family facility. Any individuals who become intoxicated will be asked to leave the pool area. Coolers are permitted inside the facility but may not contain glass.

17. Radios:
Radio use should not interfere with others quiet. Please be quiet after 8 pm so that
homeowners in surrounding homes will not be disturbed.

18. Sign-In:
We do not require homeowners to sign in to use the pool; however lifeguards have the right to ask and verify the address of individuals using the pool.

19. No Pets:
No pets are permitted in the pool area or on the pool property.

20. Reserving Furniture:
No one may reserve furniture for persons not on the pool grounds. Authorized pool
parties may reserve the picnic tables and barbecue area only.

21. Renters:
Homeowners may designate use of the pool to their renters. The pool may not be used
by both the renter AND the homeowner.

22. Lock the Gate:
The gate must remain locked at all times when no Lifeguard is on duty.

23. Authorized Pool Parties:
Contact Pool Party Manager for party reservations and rules. Pool parties do NOT have exclusive use of the entire pool area; just the picnic tables and barbecue.

24. Swimming Alone at the pool is not recommended.

Revised 3/2011 (previous revision was 3/04)